It’s Hit Home

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Photo Credited to Logan Manor Community Health Services (

COVID-19 has finally hit home in its worse way, with four deaths in a cluster at the Logan Manor Nursing Home.

I mourn with the families of the lost. May their memories be a blessing.

There is no use to wonder why this and other clusters have occurred in the Big 4-0. Shortly before and after the July 4 holiday, we had a number of gatherings with a crowd. We gave up on the idea of sheltering at home.

We can’t blame ourselves. The Sun is shining. The weather is warm. The water at the lake is cold. It’s inviting to be outdoors with all our friends.

Yet, this insidious virus has once again caught up with us and Kansas has seen a terrible upward spike in infections and deaths.

What do we do to stop this?

Simple. Wash our hands or use hand sanitizer, keep social distancing, and wear our masks.

Look, I realize going along with all that is tough. A mask is maybe uncomfortable at times, but you could innocently infect someone else, and they could infect someone else, who could infect someone’s grandpa or Aunt Alice and not even know it.

So, for now, do what Dr. Fauci says. Do what Dr. Norman says. Wear your mask in public.

That’s my plea. I love you Northwest Kansas.