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Register to Vote

How long until the general election on November 3, 2020?

If you or someone you know needs to register to vote, you’ve come to the right place! It’s not only your right to vote, but it’s your duty as an American to help us strengthen our democracy. You have the right and moral obligation of choosing the elected members of our government. Voting is a hard-earned privilege you should not take for granted.

Even if you believe your voter registration status is in good standing, take a minute before this most important election to check your registration status.

To register to vote online, visit You may also download a printable copy of the registration form and mail it to your county election office. To find the address for your county election office, locate your county on the map below. Then click the corresponding link for that district in the left column. You will be presented with a list of county election offices for that district. Scroll through the list to find your county.

Northwest District

Northcentral District

Northeast District

Southwest District

Southcentral District

Southeast District

Download a printable version of the Kansas voter registration form.
Click the purple button to download a printable version of the Kansas voter registration form.


Why is a woman to be treated differently? Woman suffrage will succeed, despite this miserable guerrilla opposition. Victoria Woodhull