On Ugly Stuff Seen Lately and Where I Stand

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Fights over abortion, the 2nd Amendment, the flag, school prayer, LGBTQ discrimination, and racism are designed only to make lobbyists richer and Kansans poorer by reducing the power of civil discourse on issues that matter to a majority of Kansans. They only work to drive a wedge between us, not unite us, and wound us in ways that set back our hopes for a renewal of the Kansas Spirit, turning us fearful and filled with dread for our state, rather than giving us hope and the joy to be Kansans.

OK. I could give this to you in all my 40 years of reporting and with long, highfalutin, words. Instead, here it comes, straight up and simple. You want to know where I stand on these things. Well, here’s where I stand:

I’m a 62-year old bachelor farmer type who’s also a farm writer. I’ll never tell a woman that her dress makes her look fat or her shoes look awful, so what makes you think I’d tell her what she can or can’t do with her body? If you have the guts to tell a woman she can’t make choices for herself, then you must have the guts to stand in front of her and tell her that dress makes her look fat, too. See what that’ll get you, bub!

I don’t give a damn if you own an arsenal of RPGs, let alone a couple of AR15s. I’m not going to mess with your guns. Besides, you might be 45 minutes from a sheriff’s deputy when someone’s busting into your house. Feel free to take action.

Let your conscience be your guide on burning the flag.

I never needed a law to allow me to pray in school, especially prior to a test in geometry class.

When have LGBTQ folks hurt you, your children, or your marriage? Never? Then leave them alone. Allow them to have jobs and be taxpayers. Don’t discriminate against them. Hate is bad for business and bad for you.

Finally, on racism, everybody just needs to shut up and leave other people alone. All lives matter when black lives matter. Anybody who deliberately tries to gain an advantage over someone by being a race-baiting birther type (and they know who they are) ought to have my mother in Heaven drop an eye roll and her dreaded breath of exasperation at them. They’d stop that crap in a hurry.

My brother, Jim, calls me a Democratic Libertarian because of all this. I have no label for it, I simply say, “Seriously, lighten up! Be nice to people! Life’s too short for you to be a jerk. We’d all be better off!”